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Original belt bag med monogram

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The G Monti Belt bag is an everyday belt bag with a front logo. It is made from recycled polyester and is an easy to wear bag that fits every outfit.


This garment is made from recycled polyester, but did you know that polyester is made from the same ingredients as plastic? As the world is already full of plastic on its way to landfills or incinerators, we asked ourselves, why make more when we can reuse what is already around? Like most recycled polyester, ours is made from old plastic bottles.


Color / Black

Outer / 100% Recycled Polyester

Lining / 100% Cotton

Details / Belt bag with logo and zipper closure, adjustable belt strap, made with certified recycled polyester

Climate / 50 kg of CO2 has been balanced out for this style

Garment maker / Nanjing Dison Apparel & Accessories Co., China

Fabric maker / WujiangHuiyi Textile Co., Ltd., China

Care / Delicate Machine Wash