Message from Jen Casey (the mom behind Dimpleskins Naturals)

Instagram post from Jen Casey, the gründer and mama behind our new brand Dimpleskins Naturals.

"Hi mamas :) I wanted to introduce myself to all our new followers! I’m Jen Casey, the mama behind Dimpleskins Naturals. I’m a Toronto girl who now lives in Vancouver. Aside from running Dimpleskins, I am also a Holistic Nutritionist with @nextbitenutrition . I have two teenagers (whoa!) and, as you can imagine, they were my reason for creating this line. .
When my son was born in 2001, there was very little in the way of natural baby products on the shelves. I’ve always been a do-it-yourselfer, so I whipped up some balms in my kitchen. Sounds easy, I know, but I was a makeup artist for years, so I already knew what went into a product. .
One fine day, the @globeandmail called me wanting to write a piece about moms in business and the need for natural skin care. Once that piece hit newsstands, I had stores from all over Canada calling me to carry the line. I wasn’t prepared, I didn’t have wholesale pricing in place, I barely had labels made! But, I got online and to the library, and figured it all out. It’s been a journey and a learning experience, and I consider Dimpleskins to be my third baby. (Side note: Our original name was Munchskins but we had a trademark issue a few years later and had to change everything. Ugh. ) #costofdoingbusiness .
Today, Dimpleskins products can be found across Canada and we still have some of those first retailers still carrying our line! So grateful for them and for you. Our products have won awards, have been featured on TV and in some of Canada’s top family magazines. All because of #wordofmom" *

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